Do you feel like learning Polish is impossible?

Well, there is a way that you CAN master basic Polish.

Still don’t believe it?
Let me share a story with you.

But, first, let me introduce myself. My name is Konrad Jerzak vel Dobosz.

I am the creator of the Elemelingua method that has been used by thousands of students (mostly to Poles, as I’m Polish myself) to learn more than 20 languages.

I never thought I would ever end up helping people learn Polish too, but let me tell you a story that inspired me to do so.

My wife Khushbu is originally from India.. Over 7 years ago, she came to Poland and initially struggled a lot. Even if she spoke good English, she was unable to communicate with people here. She had difficulties having deeper conversations with her new Polish family members and felt really confused when someone asked her a question on the street or at a store.

I’m sure you’ve experienced this feeling, right?

Well, she decided it was finally time to learn Polish. To start off, she went the traditional way and signed up for classes with a teacher. I remember her spending hours trying to memorize grammar tables and words… but it didn’t work! Speaking was just too difficult. Too many difficult words… crazy word endings… and grammar was a real nightmare!

Konrad and Khushbu

One day, she came to me and asked for help. She knew my courses were successful in Poland, but at that time, we didn’t have any courses for English speakers.

I must confess that, until this point, I was mainly focusing on the Polish students who knew me from the Polish TV show “The Brain” where my skills in 14 languages were tested. It was much easier to teach languages that I studied, but how do I teach Polish to someone who doesn’t know it?

However, Khushbu firmly insisted. And well, you know, if your wife insists on something, you have no other choice, right?

So, I built a Polish course based on the same method I used with my Polish students. But would the same method work? Isn’t Polish the hardest language to learn? I decided to accept this challenge.

The method was based on a simple concept. I discovered it when researching how polyglots have learned several languages. They didn’t memorize lists of words. They learned full sentences. But, of course, you might have two questions: which sentences should I learn and then how should I do it? 

I made it easy. I chose sentences based on the most commonly used words and structures, and I explained it step by step.

A few months later, when I saw her holding the B1 certificate in her hands, I knew that the method worked also for learning Polish.

So, the secret is to learn sentences, not just words. Of course, you can do it yourself. Choose the words, then build the sentences, but it will probably be much easier for you to use the same course that I built for Khushbu. I’m sure that it will help you, too.

Typical Polish "summer"

But first, I need to give you a warning!

Before we go any further, let me make something clear.

This isn’t one of those “learn Polish while you sleep” courses that promise you incredible results with zero effort.

Here’s the deal.

The method I use in the course is working great for me and for thousands of Elemelingua students, and I believe it can help you, too. But, I’m not suggesting that everyone (or anyone) who starts the course will become fluent in Polish.

Everyone is different. Each of us has different needs and habits. It is likely that some students won’t learn much, especially if they don’t follow my directions and work hard.

With that said… let me jump right in and show you!

What exactly are you getting with this course?

First of all, this isn’t like any other language course you’ve ever taken, because there are no classes with teachers, so you can learn whenever you want and wherever you want.

Isn’t that great? You don’t need to worry that you missed a class! Or that you need to reschedule if you can’t make a class, etc. 

You will start your learning experience within our app Globott. We built it to suit our method, making sure it’s adapted to the way every human brain learns. We tested it with adults of all ages, and it worked.

But, don’t worry. Globott is not another boring app where you are left alone memorizing words. Our teachers are there to help you understand Polish grammar and sentence structure. You can ask questions and count on our support throughout the course. We will also monitor your progress and offer help whenever you need it.

Also, one more thing. If someone told you it takes years to learn Polish, there’s no need to panic. We are not one of those schools that keep you studying forever. Our course is only 24 weeks long. It’s enough to go through the basics. You’ll see. You will start understanding spoken Polish and start speaking in no time.

A preview of the Globott app

The best place to start learning Polish

Our course is for beginners. It will guide you from zero to A2 (or even B1 level if you already have some experience with Polish or other Slavic languages).

From our experience, we can see that it greatly helps two groups of people:

  • students without any prior experience with learning Polish
  • false beginners, i.e. students who tried to learn Polish in the past but can’t speak it yet

I, myself, also use our courses to train my skills in more than 10 languages every day, but I know that we have students who have completely different goals. 

Some of you may simply want to learn Polish, as you need to communicate with your Polish family or friends

It doesn’t matter if you’re working full-time or if you’re a stay-at-home mom or dad. Our course will guide you step-by-step through the whole process.

Or maybe you’re one of those students who just wants to get by in Poland when traveling

Well, we built the course in a way, so that you can learn at any moment and any place, which will help you take small steps towards fluency.

Perhaps, you’ve moved to Poland and you need to pass the B1 Polish exam in order to get residency or citizenship? This course will also help you build the foundation towards achieving this goal. 

What do our students say?

So, how do we do it?

Basically, the key thing we focus on teaching you is how to build sentences in Polish. Or even more so: how to form sentences quickly in your head, so that you don’t need to translate them first from English (or your mother tongue). You will appreciate this skill, especially if you want to tell your in-laws how much you love their pierogi during a family dinner - in Polish! Or, if you intend to pass the state B1 exam one day. I’m sure there are many other motivations we can list here

Here is a preview of what you will get in the course

You won't get overwhelmed

Every week, you will receive your study material in small portions.. This way it will be easy for you to study every day, and even more importantly: you won’t get overwhelmed.

Words will stick in your memory

You will learn with the help of our flashcards. But, don’t worry. We won’t ask you to memorize any useless words like most of the flashcard apps do. Our flashcards only contain full sentences. This way you will learn quickly the key structures and Polish vocabulary will effortlessly stick in your memory.

You won't listen to irritating robotic voices

Our flashcards always have audio recorded by a native speaker. Yes, a human. No need to listen to artificial robotic voices anymore. I know how tiring and irritating it can be.

You will be able to understand native speakers

Our native speakers record the audio at the natural speed of the language. Exactly the way they would speak with their Polish friends. I know, when you hear it for the first time, it can sound daunting. But, don’t worry. Your brain will get used to the Polish language really quickly, and you will be able to understand people speaking Polish in a matter of weeks, not years!

You won't feel clueless

Tired of feeling clueless about the strange word endings? We have your back. Our flashcards are always accompanied with translations and short explanations (no grammar tables to learn, yay!). This way, you will quickly understand how the Polish language works.

You will know what to do

Most of us get stuck when we decide to learn a language. Do you know why? Because we don’t know what exactly we should do next. Our app Globott will guide you on what to study. It will show you new sentences and repeat the old ones at the right time. This way you won’t need to lose time on useless and boring repetitions. Just click the orange button and don’t worry about what to do.

You will win real rewards

I’m sure you have used some apps that forced you to study, so you can earn virtual diamonds or stars. We don’t like this approach. But, we think that it’s great to have fun when you learn a new language. This is why you will get motivating tasks that help you build habits and train your skills. But, if you’re successful, you will get REAL awards and not virtual ones!

You will feel good helping others

We go even further. If you learn every day during a given week, we will support a charity on your behalf. This way, your daily learning goals will make you feel excited and motivated. Not only will you make progress in Polish, but you will also support a great cause.

You will feel like you're actually learning

We know that the learning process needs to be fun and enjoyable. However, we remember that you want to actually learn Polish and  not simply play a game. Many apps and language courses focus on competition that makes you go off track from your main goal. So, don’t worry. We will make sure that whatever you do during the course helps you achieve success in mastering Polish. We don’t want to get you addicted to clicking buttons without thinking. Our goal is to stretch your brain a bit so it really learns the language.

You won't feel alone

When you sign up for the course, you will be added to a group with other Polish learners and our teachers. There is no better way to learn a new skill than to be surrounded by other people motivated to achieve the same goal. You will be able to get support from the other students as well as teachers throughout the course. And, maybe one day, you will be able to help others the same way.

You will learn at your own pace

No need to worry about other student’s progress. You can plan how much you will study every day. Remember. Learning a language is not a race. It’s more like a mountain hike. It doesn’t matter who reaches the top first. What matters most is that you enjoy the journey and take small consistent steps that will help you achieve your goal.

You will get lifetime access and support

We have one more important thing. Some courses offer you access to the content for a limited time. Well, we don’t do that. You will be able to access all of the flashcards and course materials even after the course ends. And, most importantly, you can still ask questions and get our support if you need it.

You’re right. There are A LOT of elements that we have included in our course to help you achieve speaking Polish. 

But, it gets better! Because, you’re also getting…


50 Dialogues with everyday conversations!

Starting on the second week of our course, you will start getting dialogues

“Why dialogues?”, you may ask.

Well, they are absolutely the best tool to help you learn how to use Polish in real-life conversations!

As such, we have planned our dialogues in the way that you can:

  • Learn what to say in specific situations. For example, if you don’t understand a word, you may want to ask the other person to repeat what they’ve just said, right? These types of scenarios and others like it are covered
  • Get exposure to longer conversations. This way you will improve immensely your listening skills.
  • Have more fun with the language. You will learn a lot about Poland, Polish food and culture, and so on.
  • Expand your vocabulary with useful words and expressions. During our course, you will be mastering sentence patterns and grammar structures. But, at some point, you will need to complete your sentences with new words. This is where the dialogues come really handy, as they cover a lot of useful words and expressions

Now, here’s what you should do next!

The total price of our Polish course is EUR 300, if you pay in 6 equal installments of EUR 50 each. 

However, you can also pay for the FULL COURSE right away. If you choose this option, we will offer you the whole course at a discounted price, so you will only pay EUR 250 in total and save EUR 50!

As you can see, this is a great option if you compare it to traditional language schools that ask you to pay half of your paycheck every year just to keep you at a false beginner level all the time.

What happens once you sign up?

Once you sign-up for the course, we will ask you to register in our app Globott. It’s quick. 

You will get the detailed instructions in the order confirmation email on how to register, and in a short video that you will see after the payment is finalized.

The Polish course will be added to your profile in Globott in maximum one business day. It’s done manually by our team to ensure that we have you covered with everything you need to start the course.

You can then begin chatting with other students and learn how the app works.

The course will start on Tuesday 9th July 2024. This is when you will get your first flashcards and lessons to go through.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering…

There is no catch!

I know there are some websites out there that offer a great deal on something, but then they stick you in some endless program that charges your card every month.

This isn’t one of them.

There’s NO hidden cost… and we will never charge your card automatically.

If you decide to pay for the course in installments, we will let you know when the next payment is due. Also, it will be up to you to make the next payment. We won’t charge you automatically. We want you to keep control over what you pay for and when you want to stop.

My hope is that you’ll love our course and complete it, because I truly believe that it will help you learn Polish!

Don’t wait any longer!

Our courses are based on social learning. Our teachers support you throughout the course and they are real humans, not AI bots. This is why we have decided that the course would start once a week, on Tuesdays, for every new batch of students.

This way, we can easily track your progress, see at what stage you’re at, and help you with your challenges!

But, it also means that we need to close the sign-up process on Sunday evening (7th July 2024). This way we have enough time to assign students to groups and offer them the initial support they may need when they start.

I know that you are motivated to learn Polish. If you want to start learning with us from this Tuesday, make sure you sign up TODAY

If you miss the Sunday deadline, you’ll have to wait one more week to start.

And, by the way, you’re protected by...

The boldest language course guarantee in the world

I guarantee 100% that you’ll love the course.

If not, I will refund you the full amount that you paid for it..

That’s right.

And why do I call it the boldest guarantee?

  • Firstly, because you don’t need to give me any reason to get the refund. You didn’t like the course? That’s fine. Some students prefer to study with a teacher, others don’t like our method. That’s OK. I understand your situation and I don’t want to bother you with any paperwork. It’s enough if you send us a simple email asking for the refund and we will send the money back to you. No need to fill out forms or to respond to unnecessary questions.
  • Secondly, many courses give you a specific time frame for a refund. We look at it differently. You can ask for a refund at any moment. You can do it just after you start the course, if you don’t like the method, or after you finish it, if you don’t see the results. You don’t need to look at the calendar and worry about the refund deadlines. Just focus on the course and learn Polish.
  • Thirdly, traditional language schools rarely offer any guarantees. I understand them. They want to keep you studying. They don’t care about your success. If they offered you a refund option, I am sure they would go bankrupt. We are different. We understand that you may not like the course. We believe that refunding you if you’re not happy is simply an honest solution.

As you can see, the risk is on my side. I have to do everything to make you succeed

If you are still with me and still reading by this point, I am sure you are interested, so claim your place in the Polish course now!

Course Start Date: 9th July 2024

Thanks for taking the time to read this course description and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Konrad JvD

PS: If you want to read the full Khushbu’s story, you can do it here.

PPS: And if you still have questions, here is a short FAQ. Click the question to see the answer.

Is the course intended for adults only?

The course is designed for adults, but teenagers over 15 years of age can also easily take part in it.

Can I resign from the course during its duration?

You can resign from the course free of charge only before enrollment ends. Of course, students who've passed the course but are not satisfied with the results can also benefit from our Success Guarantee. This means that, for students who have studied as directed and have not achieved satisfactory progress, the full cost of the course will be refunded. Of course, we will monitor students' work on an ongoing basis and help them achieve the expected results. Also, keep in mind that if you choose monthly payments and you have to cancel for some reason, you won't have to pay for the remaining months.

Can I sign up for more than one language?

As learning in the course is quite intensive, we recommend that you only enroll in one language per season. However, you can sign up for another language in the next season, in which we will add even more languages to our offer.

What is needed to participate in the course?

You will need an internet-enabled smartphone with a browser to participate in our course. If you don't have a smartphone, you can also use a regular computer with internet access.

How intensive is the course? How much will I have to study?

During the 6 months of the course, you will need to devote about an hour a day to learning. However, you can study at any time - day or night - and spread this time around anytime you want.

I don't know much about using a phone and computer. Is this course for me?

If you can handle the browser on your phone or computer, it won't be a problem. During the course, we will work with a dedicated application, but its use is very simple, so you can handle it without any problems. The first week of the course is dedicated to going through all the technical topics.

Will I be able to access the materials also after the end of the course?

Yes! Participants will receive all necessary materials from us in Globott app and they will be able to use them also after the end of the course. 


How will I learn to speak during the course?

You may be concerned that without contact with a teacher and regular lessons, speaking may be a problem. But fortunately it isn't! We have proven methods that will allow you to automate structures and build sentences. Thanks to this, even without much practice with another person, you will be able to conduct conversations on basic topics in the new language, after completing the course.


Can I see a trial lesson?

The course does not take the form of traditional lessons. It is a collection of various elements that are difficult to present as a trial lesson. However, we believe that people who trust our method and motivate themselves to learn for 6 months will achieve really satisfying results.

If you want to test the course, you have two options:

  1. 1
    Buy one month to start with and check out the course. If you don't like it, you don't need to extend your access.
  2. 2
    Take advantage of our Success Guarantee - if the course does not meet your expectations, we will refund the money you invested, no questions asked.

Course Start Date: 9th July 2024