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Start understanding & speaking a new language quickly!

Just follow the Elemelingua method, created by Konrad JvD, a Polish polyglot who was tested on his skills in 14 languages on the TV Show "The Brain".

The Elemelingua Method

  • Using research on how the world's leading language specialists learn languages, the Elemelingua method was created by Konrad JvD to help those who've struggled to learn a language.
  • Konrad's many years of language learning experience & research have been refined and integrated into our courses for the benefit of all language learners.
  • As a result, we've been able to help over 9,000 students finally achieve their dream of speaking and being able to understand a foreign language within months, not years!
  • We're a team of passionate people who love learning languages, and who want to help others achieve this goal too!

What makes us different? 

You learn sentences not words

Do you want to know the secret? The best way to learn vocabulary is not to learn vocabulary. You should learn sentences instead. This is why you won’t find any word lists to memorize in our courses. We have a more efficient approach: you will only learn through sentences. This way you will memorize new words and learn how to use them in the right sentence structures.

You learn according to your Learning Style

Each of us represents one of four learning styles: water, earth, wind and fire. Maybe you hate grammar? Or, maybe you love it? A good course should be adapted to all of the four learning styles. This way you will learn in your own way & you won’t miss anything. You will find this balanced approach in our courses.

You learn whenever & wherever you want

We don’t believe that going to a classroom once a week is the best and most effective solution to learn a language quickly. Daily learning is important, but it needs to be flexible. That's why, with us, you can learn anytime & anywhere.

You learn the way your brain loves

Your brain can learn any language. But, in order to do that, you should learn in the way that your brain loves. Konrad has spent years researching how the brain learns and together with our team adapted it into our courses. Your brain will get stimulated the right way, so you will see results within months - not years!

You get support the whole time

Do you sometimes feel lost when learning a new language? Don’t worry. You won’t be alone. You get full support from our team of teachers and language specialists. Confusing endings? Strange structures? We have your back. You can ask questions at any time, because we want you to be successful in achieving your goal!

We have over 9,000 students

80% of students learn over 5 days per week 

We have students from 40 countries

€15,000.00 donated to charity per year

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