The Elemelingua Learning Method

Our learning method is made up of 5 key pillars:

Learn sentences not words

With our method, you don't memorize single words. You learn the most common structures and words within the context of sentences with the help of flashcards.

Four learning styles

Our courses are adapted to all four learning styles in order to offer a better learning experience. You start by listening, reading and then you move to writing and speaking.

Artificial intelligence

Our courses are hosted on Globott, a personalized app that remembers how you learn and plans your flashcard repetitions schedule based on your behaviour (spaced repetition).

Social learning 

Learning together with other students and support from language teachers helps you learn faster and more effectively.

Motivation through gamification

Adding different elements that increase motivation and build good learning habits, through gamification. Thanks to that our students learn on average between 4-5 days per week.