Online Beginner German Course


To start off, this online Beginner German course is right for you if:

  • You live in Germany. Sometimes, you feel lost because you don’t speak the language, so you're unable to solve daily things. However, you don’t want to feel dependent on somebody else’s help anymore.
  • Your spouse speaks German, so you'd like to finally understand their family!
  • Perhaps, you've already tried taking an German course in a language school, but it just didn't work for you. All the grammar rules overwhelmed you!
  • Alternatively, you're a student on an exchange program in Germany and you'd like to just learn the basics to better connect with people around!

If we're talking about you, then sign up for our online Beginner German course!

Who are we?

  • We are Elemelingua, an online language learning platform, built by multilingual language specialists who are passionate about learning and speaking languages.
  • Our aim is to help others learn how to speak and understand a language quickly. By using science-based best practices, we've designed the best possible online language courses with a social element mixed with artificial intelligence!
  • Additionally, our goal is to help you speak & understand a language within months... instead of years!
  • Since 2018, we’ve already created 22 language courses for over 9,000 students, so we thought, why not help English speakers learn German too!
  • Our method was designed by Polish polyglot Konrad JvD who participated in the Polish edition of the TV Show “The Brain”, where he was tested on his knowledge of 14 languages. Watch it here.

Who is this course for?

  • You're a busy person and have no time for regular classes, so it would be better to learn whenever you're free. 
  • Language learning apps that have no human element can be boring, so you'd prefer to ask for advice or language related questions to someone directly
  • Your goal is to learn basic German quickly, so that you can communicate.
  • Memorizing words that you will never use in a conversation can be demotivating. Therefore, you need a method that will help you build sentences and simply talk in German.
  • You're looking for a method to learn German grammar without having to memorize long and boring tables!
  • It's hard to know where to start, so you want someone to organize the whole learning process for you.

What does our Beginner German course look like?

  • Every new course season starts weekly and lasts 24 weeks (6 months).
  • The next course will start on 2nd April 2024 and sign-ups are open till 31th March 2024.
  • You are added into a group where there are other students learning the same language as you.
  • You can learn at home - on your smartphone or computer - and at any time, which means that there's no "fixed hours" for learning or lessons.
  • The course is hosted on our dedicated Globott application, where there are specially prepared flashcards. These help with learning new sentences in the blink of an eye!
  • Globott uses artificial intelligence to plan the pace at which you learn and repeat material. Consequently, speed & intensity are individually adjusted to you!
  • The course uses the latest scientific techniques to increase motivation, which makes learning more engaging and fun. As a result, our students study 4-5 days a week on average.
  • Our flashcards only have recordings of native speakers, which avoids the interference of mispronunciation by other students (or by non-native teachers).
  • Starting from week 2 you receive weekly dialogues (50 in total).
  • You learn the most important structures & vocabulary of a given language. As a result, it's possible to have conversations about the most basic topics, after just a few months!
  • Our course is designed in such a way that it is suitable for all learning styles (Fire, Water, Air and Earth); and it develops all four language skills: listening, writing, speaking and reading.
  • You have interesting weekly assignments, which allow you to check your knowledge of your chosen foreign language and the country where this language is spoken.
  • When something is unclear, you can ask teachers questions directly on the flashcards. In addition, you can also see other students’ questions and answers.
  • Best of all, you can receive points for daily learning and for completing assignments. Consequently, you can then exchange these points for prizes!
  • Most importantly, you start from scratch, so the aim is to achieve a level of basic communication (A2 level).

What our students say? (Click here to expand)

It has inspired and motivated me

Supriya 🇵🇱

What were your challenges with language learning before enrolling in our course? Common grammar mistakes, lack of motivation

What prompted you to sign up for this course? As I was busy with my newborn was not able to revise whatever I learnt in past and lost a touch, however came across this course and decided to sign up

What did you like the most about the course? Flashcards were made with sentences that we use on a daily basis, this course has focused on giving rewards which motivates us to learn. Teachers have great patience to explain in detail.

How would you rate the learning outcome at the end of the course? It has inspired and motivated me. I'm confident in phrasing sentences now. Speech is getting much better now.

The teachers are very helpful and were answering my questions in such a way that not even my Polish friends were able to

Mike 🇵🇱

What were your challenges with language learning before enrolling in our course? In general my biggest issues were figuring out the cases. It’s a concept that is just beyond me.

What prompted you to sign up for this course? Well, I like a challenge and I was challenged to sign up for a contest to see if my “reason” to learn Polish was compelling enough to win a slot.

What did you like the most about the course? I like that you get a bunch of different sentences using the same word in different ways, just like what I said earlier about the cases. It really helps to see the different forms of one word used in different ways and spelled in different ways.

How would you rate the learning outcome at the end of the course? I would rate firstly the teachers, it’s not a live teaching platform. The teachers are very helpful and were answering my questions in such a way that not even my Polish friends were able to. As far as the program itself I liked the weekly challenges and that the system uses an algorithm to give you the flashcards in a certain way. That being said I am a very busy person and I was not able to use the flashcards properly on each day. I think that in order to really get the most out of this program you need to be able to devote at least 1 hour per day or more, and being honest you won’t learn a language quickly if you aren’t serious about it.

The course is wonderful

Khushbu 🇵🇱

What were your challenges with language learning before enrolling in our course? I have been living in Poland for the last 6 years and I didn't find a proper solution for learning Polish that suited me until this course. I first started classes with a foundation where I could only attend 3-4 classes and I started working full time soon after and didn't have time to attend language classes after a full day of work. I also bought some Polish courses (books) and took individual classes too, however the lack of consistency was making me forget everything I had learnt. I was also very demotivated looking at the richness of Polish Grammar which eventually meant a higher level of complexity for a learner like me who didn't have exposure to Slavic languages. I also wanted to mention as a child I had mandatory Sanskrit in class 7th and 8th and I dreaded it. I believed firmly that I can't learn a language so difficult and just had to phase it out and move on with life.

What prompted you to sign up for this course? The credibility of the author of the course, trust in his method and flexibility that this course offers to people who can't afford a classical number of hours in classes is incredible. Also the testimonials of so many students who were successful were very encouraging for signing up for the course. You can access the App Globot anytime and anywhere and start learning while commuting, during work breaks, free time and even while in the toilet ;-). You don't have to sit for a slot in one go to learn.

What did you like the most about the course? The App Globott is a miracle as the course helped me learn the patterns of the sentences without actually mugging Grammar rules. I just knew somehow intuitively what forms of verb / noun will be used in a particular case without literally calling out the name of the case and the rule. I didn't have to repeat anything by myself or note down as the App makes me repeat and learn automatically. My brain learns subconsciously the Grammar structures based on the sentences that I am learning and can apply it to new scenarios.

How would you rate the learning outcome at the end of the course? The course is wonderful and really proves that you don't need to be born with a talent for learning languages. You can do it through will and perseverance and by following the right method even if you don't have time to attend classes.

What is the price?

  • In a standard language school, in order to reach a conversational level, you'd usually need to attend the course for at least one year and spend around EUR 600-1,000!
  • Now, if you took private lessons, do you know how much it would cost? Much more! And, would you even be confident that you'd reached the desired level?
  • Now, our course is 6 months and only costs EUR 300!
  • Alternatively, you can pay in 6 monthly installments of EUR 50 each.
  • And if you pay for the full course right away, you will get one month free, so the total to be paid is only EUR 250.

Is there any guarantee of results?

  • We are convinced that by learning with our methods, you will be able to achieve really good results after just 6 months of study. We believe that our method works for the vast majority of students, regardless of their age, predispositions and previous learning experience!
  • However, if for some reason you are not satisfied with your results, we will refund the entire amount paid for the course.
  • If you choose to pay for the course in instalments, you can also cancel it at any time without having to pay further instalments.

How to sign up for our Beginner German course?

  • Click on the button below to go to the store
  • There, you will be able to choose your payment options.
  • In case you have any questions, there's also a FAQ on that page.

Hurry! Registration for the upcoming Beginner German course season will close on 31th March 2024